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Maximize your ESG potential and create a sustainable future with EBI. Stakeholders across the board are choosing to work with responsible businesses. From shifting market preferences to rapidly evolving reporting mandates, the case is clear for businesses to develop an ESG strategy. EBI can help you build out your ESG strategy, focusing on the elements most critical to your success. OFFERINGS    TEAM    RESOURCES

We use four steps to drive your ESG program forward: Benchmark, Plan, Improve, and Report. We begin by evaluating where your company sits in the ESG landscape. Next, our team helps you to identify where you would like to go on your ESG path and set goals to get there. Once you have goals in mind, we can identify opportunities for operational improvement by leveraging 30+ years of environmental experience and consulting expertise. This work will not go without credit – you will come away with detailed environmental and ESG reporting that not only shows your commitment to improving operations, but also demonstrates your devotion to employee well-being, community involvement, and operating responsibly.

As experienced ESG experts, EBI Consulting will guide you through strategy creation, execution and improvement, and the diverse reporting landscape. We are experienced with GRESB, TCFD, GRI, SASB and more. Additionally, our strategy work includes conducting materiality assessments, goal setting, key performance indicator identification, and ESG score improvement.

  • Goal and KPI Development
  • Materiality Assessments
  • ESG Rater and Ranker Score Improvement 

Energy usage, sustainability, and resiliency are critical factors in a commercial real estate property’s performance, costs, and most importantly – investment value. EBI’s comprehensive approach to energy management ensures your goals are achieved on every project.


As risk evolves, so do our assessments. From the impacts of climate change to energy regulations and sustainability targets, EBI offers a comprehensive understanding of ESG-related risks to your real estate investments.


No matter if you manage a healthcare facility, laboratory, manufacturing facility, telecommunications infrastructure, university, or other critical facility, you face unique challenges and stringent regulation. At EBI Consulting, we understand these challenges. Our team of Industrial Hygienists, engineers, safety professionals, and specialists work with you to create customized solutions that fit your needs.


As natural hazards associated with climate change damage properties worldwide, EBI has taken initiative to improve assets resiliency against climate change. EBI can help determine what natural hazards threaten your property, their magnitude of those hazards, and determine how to best mitigate those impacts on your property.

EBI’s ESG professionals can help navigate and position clients in the rapidly evolving ESG reporting regulatory environment. Capabilities include, but are not limited to, Energy Law Compliance, Stock Exchange Listing requirements, and preparation for impending climate disclosures to the SEC.

  • Energy Law Compliance
  • SEC
  • Stock Exchange Listing Requirements 

Your initial environmental due diligence determined you need a deeper dive. That's what we're here for. EBI can help you find the most cost-effective and efficient ways to achieve site closure. Our national network of local experts can be on site quickly to help meet your investigation or remediation needs and ensure your project is completed swiftly and successfully.


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