Environmental Compliance Services

Demands for safety, compliance, and accountability reach across all institutions at every level. EBI’s experienced, diverse staff of environmental health and safety (EHS) professionals provide custom design and engineering solutions across a range of client situations. We help optimize operations, provide management services to conserve and focus your internal resources, and guide you through the regulatory landscape to identify, attain, and maintain compliance.
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Environmental Compliance Services

Leveraging our turnkey suite of services, we provide custom and integrated environmental compliance services to clients nationwide through compliance audits, site assessments, and more. With the incredible complexity of environmental compliance rules, and with regulations evolving on a regular basis, EBI serves as a knowledgeable partner working to ensure our clients are always up to code. Our team’s in-depth knowledge of state, local, and federal regulations—and the complexities that come with them—keeps clients secure, knowing nothing is falling through the cracks.

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