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Whether your concerns are regulatory compliance or advancing your EHS program, EBI can help meet your goals. At EBI, we understand that there are challenges and regulations for various properties; from healthcare facilities to laboratories, manufacturing facilities to telecommunications infrastructure, universities and other critical facilities. Our team of industrial hygienists, engineers, safety professionals and specialists work with you to create customized solutions to help meet your goals. SERVICES    TEAM    PROJECTS    RESOURCES

With deep experience across numerous industries, EBI helps you navigate complexities to find solutions that mitigate risks, protect your employees, and achieve compliance with regulatory standards. With our nationwide network of consultants, EBI collaborates with clients for the long-term, delivering the services you need where you need them. Regardless of industry or scope, EBI’s consultants are your compliance, engineering and due diligence experts, helping you become more efficient, compliant and innovative.

Demands for safety, compliance and accountability reach across institutions at every level. Our experienced staff of environmental health and safety (EHS) professionals provide design solutions that help optimize operations, provide management services, and guide you through the regulatory compliance landscape.


Our EHS team provides top-quality health and safety consulting services with the goal of improving clients’ financial and organizational performance. With more than 30 years of experience, our experts’ wide range of knowledge helps set you up for successful, sustainable health and safety practices.


We take the health and safety of our clients’ employees seriously. Our occupational health services support client success by ensuring employee and workplace health and safety, reducing liability and risk of employee illness or injury, and helping to maintain overall office morale.


EBI Consulting is your full-service healthcare consultant for all environments of care. Our healthcare teams are led by experienced professionals who understand the complex relationship between environmental, life safety, hospital equipment and utility joint commission requirements. We can work with you to evaluate current conditions and assist in implementing corrective solutions.


When hazardous materials are present or suspected at a site, safety and the environment become the main priority. Our team of experienced experts can provide testing, design and abatement services for asbestos-containing building materials, lead, mold, radon, and PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls).


EBI continues to support you and your business objectives despite the evolving changes with COVID-19. Our national team of environmental, architectural, engineering and health and safety experts are committed to finding the best solutions to keep your projects moving forward.


EBI Consulting offers comprehensive training solutions that go beyond just a certificate and meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our broad range of courses suit numerous professionals, such as chemical and laboratory safety, and OSHA and EPA compliance.


Environmental Health and Safety Team

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