Energy Services

Energy Services

The world is changing, and both energy efficiency and sustainability are more important than ever before. EBI’s Energy Services help you hit your efficiency, climate, and ESG targets with services including commissioning, retro-commissioning, building certification, energy audits and modeling, energy benchmarking, and more. Our comprehensive approach allows our clients to maximize property value, cut costs, and achieve their goals. SERVICES    TEAM    PROJECTS    RESOURCES

EBI’s Energy Team consists of expert Certified Energy Managers and Professional Engineers that understand the obstacles and unique challenges of your property, and help you implement better energy management. From the design and construction phase of new buildings to LEED certification for existing buildings and more, EBI’s Energy Services team provides you with a comprehensive approach to energy management.

When it comes to energy efficiency, knowledge is power – especially with increasing regulations regarding carbon emissions and other climate challenges. Energy benchmarking, the process of assessing where your building’s energy efficiency falls in line with other buildings of similar size and purpose, gives property owners the ability to make improvements where necessary, find ways to reduce waste and costs, and improve overall property value. LEARN MORE
It’s all too common to spend the first year occupying a building troubleshooting the various issues that arise, wasting time, energy, and money. Commissioning (Cx) can ensure a well-delivered building with lower operational and maintenance costs from day one. LEARN MORE
Energy usage, sustainability, and resiliency are critical factors in a commercial real estate property’s performance, costs, and most importantly – investment value. EBI’s comprehensive approach to energy management ensures your goals are achieved on every project. LEARN MORE
From ground up construction to retrofits and remodels, EBI’s Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing design and engineering team provide the turnkey services building owners need to operate efficiently. LEARN MORE
Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing systems are some of the most critical components of your building’s infrastructure. MEP Systems Assessments provide the intelligence you need to maintain and optimize your building’s performance. LEARN MORE

Energy Team

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