An energy audit of your property will determine how your building is using energy, identify weaknesses, and assess energy efficiency and flow throughout the building to reduce energy waste, carbon emissions, and lower costs. Energy audits of commercial and industrial properties primarily focus on HVAC and lighting, and can inform the property owner if they would benefit from retro-commissioning or other energy services.

EBI’s Development Services are a core component of a successful project. From Due Diligence to Entitlements and Permitting, EBI brings a holistic approach to each job because we understand no two projects are the same.


Master Planning requires a holistic, multidisciplinary approach that will serve the needs of your site or community for years to come. EBI blends design and engineering with the human experience to create spaces that stand the test of time.


EBI’s Architectural Design practice specializes in delivering visually impactful yet functional commercial, mixed use, experiential, retail, and hospitality assets in urban and suburban markets across the country.


EBI’s Leasing and Tenant Services ensures that everything from leasing collateral to tenant services, coordination, design and fit out are taken care of well in advance of project delivery.


EBI’s architectural philosophy goes beyond conceptual design and delivery – we believe in partnering with owners, operators, and tenants to provide strategic and holistic service throughout the asset’s lifecycle.


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