Property Condition Assessments

Property Condition Assessments are used by lenders, borrowers, owners, and investors to evaluate an asset’s conditions and estimated useful life of various components, often for the purpose of a property acquisition or refinancing.

Property Condition Assessments

A Property Condition Assessment (PCA), which results in a Property Condition Report (PCR), is the visual assessment of a building's condition. PCAs are generally ordered by the lender in real estate transactions, but there are more comprehensive variations of the report specific to buyer and owner needs.
Property Condition Assessments are also commonly known as Property Assessment Reports or Property Condition Assessment Reports, and are generally written to the ASTM 2018-15 standard unless a more in-depth scope is requested by the client.

PCAs are most often ordered by the lender during a property transaction to understand the risk profile of the asset, but any stakeholders in a property or portfolio may find use in the data provided, including:

  • Buyers
  • Owners
  • Facility Managers
  • Investors
  • Developers

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