Today the real estate industry increasingly faces expanding climate and energy laws and regulations. Understanding your risk early in the due diligence process helps lenders like you avoid current liability and position your portfolio well for eventual compliance.

Adding an ESG and Sustainability Checklist to your due diligence process lets you know not just the condition of building systems, but their efficiency. A standard Property Condition Assessment helps you understand the basic conditions, but adding an ESG and Sustainability Checklist means gaining insight into how resource-efficient the property is, evaluating its overall level of sustainability and climate risk.

With ESG regulation already in effect in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and even some US cities and states, this emerging regulatory landscape can appear fraught with risk. EBI’s ESG and Sustainability Checklist helps you begin evaluating your current portfolio and establish the baseline for future success. Developed with prominent ESG benchmarks and guidelines in mind—including GRESB and TCFD—these reports are often used to set roadmaps for achieving client ESG goals, including Green Building Certifications.

As the U.S. continuing down the path toward ESG-related regulation, understanding your property’s climate risk now is crucial. Our ESG Advisory, Energy and Sustainability, and Climate Resiliency teams work with you to meet your needs. Whether in property acquisition, establishing areas for improvement post-acquisition, reevaluating at the end of a hold period, or creating ESG strategies for new developments, EBI is your climate risk solutions provider.