Construction Consulting Services

Construction projects pose unique challenges, and managing multiple projects simultaneously can be daunting. Engaging a seasoned construction consultant to provide thorough up-front evaluations, reliable monitoring, and accurate, actionable intelligence is critical. EBI’s team of construction professionals understand that every client and every project is unique, and both deserve solutions customized to their distinct goals.
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Construction Consulting Services

We offer expert consulting to mitigate risk throughout the planning, construction, and closeout phases of your projects. Our full-time construction consultants conduct an initial review of project documents to ensure a comprehensive understanding of all aspects, provide in-depth analysis, clear conclusions, and practical recommendations.

With the information you need to make informed business decisions in hand, our team applies that same level of acumen to monitoring construction. While most projects start out on time and on budget, few stay that way; most projects experience budget and schedule challenges. Proactively identifying and evaluating issues helps prevent major project disruptions. Our construction professionals assist you through closeout, as you ensure your projects are completed to scope and have optimal ongoing management and maintenance practices in place.

Our team of architects, engineers, and construction professionals provide the flexibility you want backed by the depth of experience you need. EBI's industry-leading consulting provides next-level analysis for next-level business decisions.

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