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Environmental assessments, property condition reporting, construction consulting, commissioning and more. Let us get you the information you need. Whether you’re in the midst of a property transaction or dealing with regulatory concerns, you need to understand the risks associated with a property. EBI Consulting assists buyers, lenders and owners in evaluating the challenges of diverse property types, providing the information required to make the best business decisions. SERVICES    TEAM    PROJECTS    RESOURCES

For more than 30 years, EBI has helped clients maximize value in the built and natural environment. With industry experts coast-to-coast, we promote your success, understand your concerns and collaborate to find solutions that meet your goals.

Your projects come with rigorous timelines. You need answers, and you need them quickly. After over 30 years, EBI understands real estate financing. We understand the pressure to move transactions forward quickly. That's why we work tirelessly to address your timeliness and risk concerns equally.


As risk evolves, so do our assessments. From the impacts of climate change to energy regulations and sustainability targets, EBI offers a comprehensive understanding of ESG-related risks to your real estate investments.


EBI’s nationwide network of local regulatory experts helps you navigate telecom hurdles rapidly and efficiently by streamlining the regulatory compliance process. With EBI’s exhaustive approach and attention to detail, you’ll be confident your wireless networks meet regulatory requirements.


Renovating or building an asset presents numerous challenges. With EBI, our construction consultants smooth the process, help ensure site safety, and get an asset up and running efficiently. Our team of professionals supports your efforts and ensures a smooth process.


You need to understand potential exposure to RF-EME on your site to protect workers and maintain a healthier environment. Our RF safety and compliance services help you stay in line with state, local and federal regulations and protect the health and safety of the public and workers near telecom antennae.


When hazardous materials are present or suspected to be present at a site, the safety of people and the environment becomes the number one priority. EBI is a top provider of hazardous materials abatement, with decades of experience in testing, design and abatement services for hazardous materials.


Navigating the complex multifamily agency process can be challenging as the asset class grows rapidly and gains prominence. Our leading agency program of experts have strong relationships with HUD, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, completing various projects nationally and supporting you at every stage of your project.


When your initial environmental due diligence determines you need a deeper dive, we're here to help. At EBI, we prioritize your needs and concerns, clearly defining how we’ll meet those needs with a defined scope, schedule and budget.


Analyzing an asset’s potential requires keeping an eye on many components. A complete understanding of a property’s condition is integral to your due diligence process, and EBI’s teams of experts support your success. We work with you to understand your concerns and adapt the right scope of assessment to your acquisition.


Due Diligence Team

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