By leveraging our experienced employees and strategic partnerships throughout the United States, EBI is able to complete projects from a turnkey perspective. EBI provides our Retail and Telecom clients with an abundance of efficiencies due to our cross-trained staff, as well as a faster “speed to market” with the aggressive teams we assemble to work together.

From candidate selection or file review, through the lease negotiation process, or in the most intricate of zoning and permitting processes, EBI has found ways to satisfy the most demanding customers. 

Our “get it right the first time” mentality has been molded over several years of proper resource management, effective communication, and aggressive yet realistic milestone forecasting.

Site Acquisition Services 

  • Zoning Analysis
  • Search Ring Analysis
  • Pre-project Zoning Analysis
  • Comprehensive File Reviews
  • Site Candidate Information Packages
  • Utility Information Retrieval
  • Feasibility Site Visits
  • Review of Title Reports
  • Design Visit Coordination
  • Collocation Applications
  • Lease & License Negotiations
  • Zoning Applications, Filing, Hearing Attendance
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EBI Consulting provides environmental risk and compliance management, due diligence, energy efficiency, and engineering services to organizations seeking to improve operations, lower costs, manage risk and exceed stakeholder expectations. 

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