Green Property Condition Reports (GPCR) provide detailed energy use analyses and utilize green recommendations to lower energy, water, and electricity usage, reduce operating costs, provide greater savings, and lower carbon footprints.  Reports are completed as a modified and expanded scope of work similar to the ASTM E2018-08 Baseline Property Condition Report Standard.

Recommendations and estimates of cost for deferred maintenance, Immediate Repairs, and Replacement Reserves during the anticipated ownership term are included.

EBI Consulting’s GPCR includes green technology components and energy savings implementations and is supplemented by an Energy Audit of existing systems. Building systems and components are surveyed, and recommendations are made for replacement with green alternatives, including a financial analysis of the recommended green alternative compared to the traditional component.

Payback analyses and comparative data are also explored within this scope of work. While typically completed on multifamily properties, Green Property Condition Assessments can be completed on all property types. 

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