EBI Consulting leverages innovation and industry best practices to provide facility decommissioning, site and underground storage tank (UST) closure services. Our experts are knowledgeable in federal, state, and local regulations and use their vast experience to mitigate risk and ensure regulatory compliance. 

Facility Decommissioning

EBI Consulting provides our clients with the appropriate permits, licenses, and notifications to complete a successful facility decommissioning. Our experienced staff is able to effectively and efficiently manage challenges that arise with regulations, potential residual contamination, permits, registrations, and licenses. 

At the end of the decommissioning, EBI’s team delivers a summary of facility close-out information for the client's records that serves as future evidence that the client has met all of its environmental obligations prior to leaving a location. 

Our decommissioning specialists ensure that closures are completed properly and on time, providing our clients peace of mind and allowing time and resources to be focused on meeting other business challenges. 


UST Closures

EBI has investigated the integrity of more than 1,000 USTs nationwide and routinely designs and implements UST removal and replacement programs and systems to remediate environmental contamination. 

Our proven ability to reduce current and future UST liabilities is based on a deep, unparalleled knowledge and understanding of how regulations will likely evolve and potentially impact future property sales and financing.

Our independence from disposal facilities and heavy equipment contractors also allows us to obtain the best available pricing for these services for our clients. As an advocate for our clients, EBI applies regulatory and risk management expertise to moderate the sometimes more aggressive excavation instincts of UST removal contractors who are often paid on a unit cost basis. 

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Quality. Commitment to quality is at the core of everything we do. EBI's consultants are known for business and technical expertise, responsiveness, and best-in-class reporting tailored to your specific needs.

Collaboration. Leveraging deep knowledge and diverse experience, we create customized solutions that make sense for you. We bring our comprehensive suite of services to bear and provide ongoing communication to help you navigate the nuances of each project.

Integrity. At EBI, integrity isn't simply operating within the letter of the law; it's about understanding and meeting your unique needs, solving problems, creating value for your business, and delivering intelligence you can have confidence in.

Let our nationwide network of local experts find solutions that give you the information you need to make the best business decisions.