A Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) provides detailed analysis on historical and projected maintenance practices and costs, equipment and other assets management, and so on, for a subject facility.

An FCA enables a prospective buyer to understand any potential issues or costs that may incurred for repairs or maintenance of the subject facility as they calculate their budget and negotiation strategies.



If you own or manage a facility, you know the value of Capital Planning.

Capital Planning allows an organization to maximize the utility of their physical assets (real estate, equipment, etc.), while efficiently budgeting their resources, and aligning them with the organization's long-term plans.

An efficient, safe and optimized facility is what every investor hopes to acquire.

To ensure you are optimizing your next deal on a facility, it's indispensable that you make use of a comprehensive, technically sound report on:

  • Expenditure scenarios that model feasible operational plans
  • Well-researched and detailed property maintenance plans
  • Historic documents to support projected maintenance and improvement costs
  • Comparison of capital maintenance costs vs. property value
  • Cataloged summary of all equipment, their manufacturer, age, and scheduled maintenance
  • Actionable recommendations for:
    • Streamlining processes
    • Energy and other savings opportunities
    • Viable expansion, and so on, as needed

The only way to ensure a sound acquisition is to leverage the insight of a comprehensive FCA, and the hands-on collaboration with a dedicated team of senior facility condition assessment specialists.

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Our team is responsive from day one and we communicate frequently throughout the process, so we can make custom recommendations for the scope of work.


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