EBI Consulting has extensive experience working with national portfolio lenders/servicers regarding REO properties that have been impacted by any of the following environmental issues:

  • Mold & Water Damage 
  • Clandestine Drug Labs/Methamphetamine Drug Labs 
  • Underground Storage Tanks 
  • Heating Oil Tanks 
  • Dumping/Spills of Oils, Waste & Hazardous Materials 
  • Asbestos & Lead Paint 
  • Radon & Tear Gas 
  • Radioactive Waste 
  • Biological Contamination
  • Contaminated Wells 
  • Closure of Septic Systems   

EBI is focused on helping our clients control costs and expedite their resale cycle, thus saving them money while adhering to necessary regulations and protocols.

Our Services Include: 

  • Training and educating clients' staff regarding environmental issues.   
  • Establishing and updating protocols and procedures to minimize environmental impacts and liability and helping ensure adherence to local, state, and federal guidelines/regulations.   
  • Working with clients’ agents/affiliates/brokers to guide the successful completion of the process at each property, including obtaining qualified contractor bids.   
  • Reviewing each bid to confirm appropriate scope of work. EBI also reviews contractor qualifications and experience.   
  • Serving as liaison to local and state environmental and health regulators, when required, to assure that proper protocols and reporting are completed.   
  • Developing appropriate recommendations at each property.   
  • Ensuring quality control of clean up and documentation process so that client objectives are achieved.
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