RF Compliance: Emissions Studies and On-Site Field Monitoring (RF-EME)

To protect the general public and the health and safety of workers near telecommunications antennae, the FCC and OSHA have established compliance requirements and limits on human exposure to RF energy.

Need RF Emissions Studies or Remediation Services?

EBI's specialized engineering division provides complete RF Compliance services including RF Emissions and Remediation services. Ensure workers and the public are safe, and that you are protected from costly liability.

Why Do I Need RF Compliance Services?

Antennae owners and FCC license holders are subject to the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) rules for human exposure to RF radiation and to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) guidelines for workplace safety and health standards.

To assist owners and licensees in complying with these standards, the FCC's Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) issued Bulletin 65: Evaluating Compliance with FCC Guidelines for Human Exposure to Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields to help determine whether proposed or existing transmitting facilities, operations, or devices comply with limits for human exposure to RF fields adopted by the FCC.

Consequences of Non-Compliance

The FCC Enforcement Bureau can initiate investigation into sites that appear to exceed radio frequency (RF) exposure limits. Where non-compliance is found, the Bureau can require corrective action and impose fines or other sanctions.

Failure to comply at multiple use sites can result in penalties and remediation liability for all site occupants responsible for at least 5% of the exposure, not just the newest occupant or the occupant who contributes most to exposure.

What Does it Take to be Compliant?

Compliance with the FCC's limits for Maximum Permissible Exposure (MPE) is broken down into two sections:

  • MPE for the general public (uncontrolled environment): Situations in which the general public may be exposed, or in which persons that are exposed as a consequence of their employment may not be fully aware of the potential for exposure or cannot exercise control over their exposure.

  • MPE for the occupational public or hired workers (controlled environment): Situations in which persons are exposed as a consequence of their employment, provided those persons are fully aware of the potential for exposure and can exercise control over their exposure.

To ensure compliance, site owners and license holders are both required to retain documentation affirming the site is compliant with FCC Safety regulations.

A site is compliant when there are no areas that exceed the FCC exposure limit or when areas that do exceed the FCC exposure limit have been mitigated via signage and/or a physical barrier.

To help site owners and license holders ensure RF compliance, EBI Consulting's specialized RF engineering team can perform:

RF Emissions Studies

A comprehensive site audit, RF-EME studies, and ongoing monitoring are conducted for all new and revised RF environments to ensure they meet both federal and local requirements for exposure limits. EBI's focus is to maximize our clients' liability protection; as such, our studies are comprehensive, conservatively based on worst case scenarios, and can include:

  • Documentation of multiple readings
  • Detailed site plans with photos clearly outlining the site
  • Correction of client documents as needed
  • Call out of all working levels, equipment, and any other types of antennae (i.e. Microwave, Yagi, Omni, etc.)
  • Appropriate signage for the site and its vicinity
  • Installation of physical barriers as needed, set up in the most minimally invasive way

RF-EME Modeling

EBI performs Theoretical Power Density calculations from any transmission source to ensure compliance with all federal standards regarding electromagnetic emissions.

EME Modeling enables us to read worst-case emissions situations at a particular site. With this information, EBI can recommend appropriate mitigation, such as signage to make persons within the area aware of the presence of RF energy.

An EME site modeling report is ordered especially for sites with antennae that are in closer proximity to the general public than a regular tower. For new sites, modeling should be done first, followed by an emissions study on the site post construction.

RF Design Services

Planning a site build out? Our RF Design Team can help.

We perform design services for all types of traditional sites, including:

  • Macro Footprint Sites
  • Micro-cell and Pico-cell Design
  • In-building Design, iBwave Coverage Modeling
  • Indoor & Outdoor Distributed Antenna Systems

No site is too big or too small. Whether you want to ensure compliance for light poles in urban areas, a church steeple, or a multi-site telecom portfolio, EBI's Telecom Engineering Team can help bring you clarity and compliance.

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