EBI is dedicated to helping our clients operate efficient and cost effective facilities through the use of modeling, analysis, advanced building automation systems, reuse, construction management, and building commissioning.

According to the Federal Housing Administration's new Multifamily Insurance rates, mortgage insurance premiums (MIPs) issued or reissued after April 1, 2016 can be reduced by 20-45 points by designing and constructing new and existing energy-efficient properties. These MIP changes are to encourage owners to implement higher standards that are more sustainable and energy efficient than traditional approaches.

HUD for New Construction and Rehabilitation Projects

New construction and rehabilitation projects may qualify for the reduction when submitting mortgage insurance applications by including a certification from a professional engineer stating the planned scope of work is sufficient to achieve and maintain the certifications. Additionally, owners must submit evidence of committing to industry-recognized green building standards and to energy performance in the top 25 percent of multifamily buildings nationwide.

EBI can help your new construction or rehabilitation project to achieve these commitments through the following services:

  • Early Design Assistance
  • Initial Design Review
  • ENERGY STAR MFHR Project Application
  • Proposed Design Submission
  • Testing and Verification Protocol
  • As-built Submission

HUD Existing Building ENERGY STAR Certification

EBI's ENERGY STAR Certification services will show evidence of industry-recognized green building standards by determining the building's energy usage and ENERGY STAR rating using the U.S. Environmental Protective Agency's ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager© tool. A property must score an energy performance rating of at least 75 out of 100 in order to achieve these commitments.

If a property does not score at least a 75, EBI will provide ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit services to identify Energy Conservation Measures and improve the property's energy usage. An ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit involves the following:

  • Building Walkthrough
  • Light Level Measurements
  • Interviews with Maintenance Staff
  • Examination of Utility Bills
  • Survey of Energy Using Equipment
  • Breakdown of Energy Usage
  • Economic Analysis of Energy Conservation Measures and Capital Improvements

EBI will help to identify the most cost-effective and energy efficiency improvements to a property in order to meet an energy performance rating of at least 75 points. After improvements are made, EBI will update the property's ENERGY STAR application to ensure conformance, complete the ENERGY STAR submittal forms, and make the submission to ENERGY STAR. 

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