Overview of Services

EBI Consulting provides a wide range of construction consulting services to financial institutions, asset managers, real estate investors, property managers, and real estate professionals nationwide.

Our construction consulting services staff includes licensed architects, engineers, and experienced construction professionals offering a range of consulting services for existing buildings, new construction projects, renovations, property rehabilitation, fire and storm damage repairs, structural evaluations, and property monitoring.

EBI Consulting's construction services are tailored to the specific needs of each client.


Construction Loan Monitoring

Construction Plan and Cost Reports

EBI’s construction document review provides a detailed evaluation of the contract documents, including plans, contracts, and budgets and provides the client with detailed information critical to making informed decisions on project commitments.

Construction Monitoring Reports

With comprehensive field monitoring and detailed reporting, EBI Consulting provides lenders and investors with the information needed for periodic construction disbursements.


Asset Management 

Property Monitoring Reports

EBI Consulting will complete onsite observations and report on the status of immediate and reserve repairs for compliance with lender requirements.


Insurance Loss Assessments 

Fire and Storm Damage Evaluations

Prior to disbursement of insurance proceeds for losses due to fire, wind, or flood damage, EBI’s construction consultants will complete onsite confirmations of either progress or completion of repairs.


Construction Consulting

Property Consulting

EBI can assist equity holders and lenders with action plans for the rehabilitation of commercial properties. Our team of experienced construction professionals and design consultants helps our clients determine the best course of action for a troubled property.

Repair Escrow Certifications

EBI field consultants, engineers, and architects can confirm that repairs completed under a repair escrow agreement are in compliance with applicable requirements and codes.

Asset Repositioning

When considering the minor or major repositioning of a commercial property, EBI Consulting’s experienced real estate professionals can assist in the determination of the physical practicality of the change and provide the necessary design services.


Consulting Engineering

Structural Repair Evaluations

EBI’s construction consultants fully evaluate structural repairs from design to implementation.

Design and Engineering

With full, in-house Computer Aided Design (CAD) capabilities, our team can evaluate, design, and implement repair strategies for structural, subsurface, or moisture infiltration problems. EBI Consulting has the staff and experience to represent our clients onsite during property rehabilitation, mitigation of water, fire, storm and environmental damage, and we provide critical onsite support and representation.