Wellington Grande Apartments

EBI was retained by a regional lender to conduct an ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit for a 226-unit apartment complex, comprised of nineteen buildings consisting of 4 three-story apartment buildings, 13 two-story apartment buildings, as well as a clubhouse and storage building, totaling 242,904 square feet of rentable space in Texas.

Wellington Grande Apartments

The purpose of the ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit was to observe the operation, programming, functionality, general physical condition, and maintenance status of the utility consuming systems (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) at the property and to recommend Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) and Water Conservation Measures (WCMs) to reduce the utility consumption at the apartment complex.

Based on the site visit and utility usage data, EBI developed a list of energy projects to reduce the utility consumption at the property. ECM items EBI recommended to directly benefit the property owner included Energy Star Thermostats, WaterSense Certified Fixtures, Low-Flow fixtures/aerators, LED lighting, daylight sensors, plug load controllers, and electric metering systems on each building. According to data collected and ECM recommendations, EBI estimated that the subject property would reduce their energy consumption by 516,480 kWh, saving the property an estimated 20.8% on total source energy electricity consumption.

The total electricity usage on the property, estimated from the complete utility data in the common areas and the extrapolated tenant data in apartments, was used to generate an Energy Star score for the property. Currently, the property would score around a 62, but to receive Energy Star certification a score of 75 is required. With the projected savings from the energy conservation measures subtracted from the current estimated consumption, the Energy Star score would equal 88, which exceeds the minimum score of 75 needed to receive recognition.

Services Provided

  • ASHRAE Level II Energy Audit

  • Energy Star certification

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