Weighing in on Waste


To continue EBI's efforts to reduce our waste, EBI employees, along with Save That Stuff, conducted a waste audit at our Burlington Office.

What is a Waste Audit?

A waste audit is an analysis of the waste being generated by an organization. Waste audits quantify the amount and types of waste being generated (i.e. trash, paper, commingled or compostable) and identify ways to implement a more efficient waste disposal program.

Why Conduct a Waste Audit?

EBI conducted a waste audit in order to determine how much we were recycling vs. throwing away, to highlight opportunities for improvements in our recycling program, and to set realistic recycling and waste reduction goals. Reducing office waste is essential to cutting operating costs and minimizing an office's environmental impact.

EBI Identified a few KEY ITEMS during the Waste Audit:

CAN Be Recycled                                      

Dunkin' Donuts paper bags
Yogurt cups & tops
Food containers that are rigid plastic
Plastic drink lids (straws OK too)                  

CANNOT Be Recycled

Plastic wrappers
Starbucks cups
Paper food containers
Styrofoam Dunkin' Donuts cups
Paper towels/tissue

Jess Hawley and Trevelyn Carvino geared up and excited for the waste audit!

Jess and Trevelyn sort through EBI's trash and recycling with a little help from Eliana Blaine of Save That Stuff.


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