UNC Hospitals, Children’s Hospital

UNC Hospitals contracted EBI Consulting for commissioning of the fire control system as well as new HVAC equipment installed serving the 5th floor children’s hospital. The property installed a new air handling unit (AHU-AC-10) that serves the west side of the 5th floor children’s hospital.

UNC Hospitals, Children’s Hospital

New Phoenix VAV terminal air units were installed for patient rooms and smoke control zones. As part of the contract process, EBI confirmed through commissioning that the new air handling unit, its distribution system, and smoke control systems in the new zone and adjacent zones are functioning as designed.

The project involved pre-construction testing in order to confirm the operation of the existing smoke control system is within 2012 NCBC 1008.1.3 requirements. Once construction was completed the same testing was performed to ensure that the additional HVAC equipment installed did not negatively affect the smoke control system.

EBI provided commissioning services for numerous systems including the fire suppression systems, building automation system (BAS), chilled water system, heating hot water, HVAC air distribution, air terminal units, building ventilation, and decentralized HVAC.

Services Provided

  • Design Document Reviews

  • Submittal Reviews

  • Commissioning Plan Development & Coordination

  • Functional Testing

  • O&M Manual Reviews

  • Construction Inspections

  • TAB Survey & Oversight

  • Operational Trend Reviews

  • Warranty Phase Commissioning

Project Team


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