Town of Medfield On-Call Services

In 2019, EBI Consulting was awarded an On-Call Continuing Services Contract for with the Town of Medfield, Massachusetts to provide professional engineering, plan and permit review, and environmental health and safety consulting services.

Town of Medfield On-Call Services

The last instance in which Medfield undertook a complete Master Plan was in 1997, and EBI is currently in the process of reviewing Medfield’s Open Space Master Plan, with an outside consultant, to prepare new Master Plan required documents. The goals for Medfield’s upcoming Master Plan included protecting town character and preserving historic resources, improving traffic conditions, encouraging economic activity, supporting the reuse of the state hospital, improving health and wellness of Medfield residents, as well as improving governance and planning for future resilience.

EBI worked with Medfield’s Master Plan consultant to address questions regarding Medfield’s Aquifer Protection District, Stormwater Bylaws, and Hazardous waste requirements. In addition to Open Space Master Plan Review, EBI also reviews the Town of Medfield’s applications for Stormwater Permits. The Board of Health, under the jurisdiction of the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, ensures that all state regulations pertaining to public health are enforced.

The Board of Health employs a Professional Engineer/Agent to review all plans concerning stormwater runoff, drainage, and septic system design as they pertain to subdivisions, commercial property, and private homes. EBI reviews Stormwater Permit applications on behalf of the Board of Health, ensuring the conformance of stormwater bylaws. EBI also ensures issuance of peer review reports and works with the applicant to ensure compliance with bylaws, as well as issuing draft approvals for the Board of Health’s consideration.

Services Provided

  • Civil Engineering

  • Professional Engineer Services

  • Plan and Permit Review

  • Environmental Health and Safety Consulting

  • Master Planning

  • Stormwater and Wastewater Compliance

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