Energy efficiency remains the most cost-effective way to cut energy use in buildings. Increase an organization’s value, lower risk, and deliver other business benefits by certifying your building through ENERGY STAR.

Maximize ESG goals. Commercial buildings and industrial plants are responsible for nearly half of the nation’s energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. Strengthening your energy management programs through building certification can be attractive to ESG-focused investors.

ENERGY STAR certified buildings:

  • Use an average of 35 percent less energy emissions
  • Are responsible for 35 percent less carbon dioxide emissions that typical buildings

Keep compliance simple. Many municipalities have established mandatory energy benchmarking and transparency requirements for commercial buildings. Many are also implementing building performance standards defining how much energy buildings can use. You redeem exemption from certain municipal requirements and proactively position your property for the future by certifying your building.

Certify and save. Lower operating costs by benchmarking and improve energy efficiency.

Compared to typical buildings, high-performing buildings save:
$0.60 per square foot on operations and maintenance expenses annually
$0.50 per square foot on janitorial expenses annually
$0.53 per square foot on utility expenses annually

Invest more efficiently in your portfolio. The ENERGY STAR process determines how your property performs and if it is a good candidate for improvements compared to the other properties within the portfolio. ENERGY STAR services and expertise can help you understand which properties you should invest in from an energy perspective.

Increase asset value. Compared to typical buildings, energy-efficient buildings demonstrate:

  • Sale prices from 1% to 31% higher
  • Rental premiums 3% to 16% higher
  • Occupancy levels up to 10% higher

Assess energy performance, improve efficiency, increase financial value and earn recognition with ENERGY STAR. ENERGY STAR consultants handle the process from start to finish, completing the application and submitting it for you. ENERGY STAR also serves as a gateway certification; by certifying your property with ENERGY STAR, you guarantee those points for other certification systems, such as LEED. The more points you obtain, the easier it is to earn other certifications.

We strive to help clients understand how their properties work and what can be improved to have less of an impact on the environment. Want to learn more? Get started today!