The Morgan

EBI performed a Capital Needs Assessment (CNA), Environmental Site Assessment (ESA), and HUD Environmental Review Online Systems (HEROS) Online Report for the refinance of a 280-unit multifamily residential complex.

The Morgan

EBI initially performed a HUD Tier I Virtual Environmental Screening (VES) to determine the appropriate environmental review necessary to comply with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and HUD’s regulations. In preparing the CNA report, EBI performed a site visit to document observations of the Subject Property and its improvements, review available construction and maintenance documents, and interview various owners and personnel associated with the daily operations of the multifamily property. The purpose of the observations was to assess the general physical condition and maintenance status of the site and recommend repair and maintenance items considered significant for the property to continue in its current operation and/or to be restored to a good condition consistent with comparable projects of similar age.

The ESA assessed the Subject Property’s historical use, and identified recognized environmental conditions or the presence of hazardous substances. In conducting the ESA for the Subject Property, EBI assessed the property for the following components: historical review; current occupants/operations; hazardous substances/petroleum products; waste generation; storage tanks; PCBs; potential off-site sources; regulatory agency/database review; asbestos-containing materials; radon; lead-based paint; lead in drinking water; mold; and vapor encroachment.

Due to the location of the Subject Property outside of a floodplain, EBI also performed a 5-Step HUD review (24 CFR Part 55). This process allows EBI to determine what actions or methodology is necessary for the Property Owner to comply with EO 11988 and avoid unnecessary impacts. Additionally, EBI researched and repaired necessary documentation required in the Environmental Review for Activity/Project that is Categorically Excluded Subject to Section 50.4, Pursuant to 24 CFR Part 50.20(a) form. In addition to the CNA and ESA, EBI provided the following information in conjunction with the HEROS submittal: airport hazards; coastal barrier resources, explosive flammable hazards; flood insurance; floodplain management; housing requirements; noise assessments; sole source aquifers; wild and scenic rivers; and wetlands. EBI prepared all documentation and submit to HEROS to illustrate environmental compliance on behalf of the Property Owner.

Services Provided

  • HUD Tier I Virtual Environmental Screening (VES)

  • Capital Needs Assessment (CNA)

  • Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

  • HUD Environmental Review Online Systems (HEROS) Online Report

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