Sustainable Energy Alternatives


Experts say that with our current fossil fuel production and consumption, we will drain our natural gas and oil reserves in about 50 years.

With this in mind, there are a number of companies as well as individuals who have come up with sustainable energy solutions that are currently in the pilot stages of development.

I wanted to write this blog to address one of the many, and probably the most impressive, alternative energy solutions I have seen recently. It's the idea of turning kinetic energy into clean electricity. PAVEGEN is one of the companies that utilizes this alternative to fossil fuel.

This company has invented a tile system that harnesses foot powered clean energy. Each step drives a tiny electromagnetic generator inside the tile, which in turn produces clean electricity. The company states that the tiles currently put out 5 watts of clean energy per step.

The idea is to utilize current foot traffic in urban areas to create sustainable, clean energy. The company has placed pilot programs in test areas to see how well the system performs. The energy tiles have been reported to be successful in producing clean electricity as expected.

Adapting a commonplace activity like walking into clean energy is an incredibly innovative way to combat future energy issues. Here at EBI Consulting, we care about being sustainable and green, and we encourage our clients to do the same. We provide a wide variety of Energy & Sustainability services. You can learn more on our website or you can contact us here.


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