Signs You May Have Problem Imported Drywall

03/08/2017 - Blog

In 2009, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) reported 1,192 cases of Problem Imported Drywall formerly known as Chinese Imported Drywall, in 25 North American States.

By 2014, there were over 4,000 cases reported in 44 States. What is problem imported drywall? It’s drywall that has been imported from China that emits sulfurous compounds[1] that impact the environment and your health. A large portion of these reports were coming from Southern States like Florida and Louisiana. Due to the effects of the calamitous Hurricane Katrina, people were buying imported drywall from China to rebuild their homes and were unknowingly using this product. This problem is still very much contemporaneous today and it is important to know what signs to look for, including:

  • Corrosion - Black corrosion on metal and Corroding Wirescopper pipes, wiring, metal studs and drywall screws.
  • Odors - Rotten egg smell
  • Equipment Deterioration - HVAC systems, smoke detectors, A/C coils
  • Health Issues - Headaches, irritated eyes, nose and throat, feeling tired, problems controlling any respiratory conditions like asthma

If you have any of these signs listed above in your building, contact a professional at EBI Consulting to have them appropriately assess your property. Our professionals can assess and evaluate your site, provide testing and laboratory analysis, and recommend strategies for mitigation of Problem Imported Drywall or any other environmental issue you may have. If you have any suspicion that your property might have Problem Imported Drywall, contact one of our professionals for more information.

[1] PhotoGallery, Florida Department of Health


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