Retail store, nationwide services

EBI Consulting is a preferred commissioning vendor for a major nationwide retail store. We provide commissioning, retro-commissioning and energy-saving services as needed. As a commissioning agent, we work in collaboration with the client’s design, operating and construction personnel to verify that systems function properly.

Facts and figures

  • 40+ stores nationwide provided with commissioning services
  • 6 locations in Florida alone


Common issues were found in the retail store facilities which, unresolved, would have resulted in increased energy use and waste. For example, in one store, carbon dioxide controls functioned improperly, resulting in excessive air ventilation. Additionally, exhaust fans were uncontrolled, increasing electricity use, and sensors were out of calibration, impacting both energy use and system functionality.


EBI’s energy professionals performed site visits to identify all operating deficiencies and issues, verifying systems were installed and operating per the client contract documents and identifying opportunities for energy savings. We reviewed submittals for systems being commissioned and witnessed equipment start-up and testing that directly coincided with regular commissioning meetings. Throughout this process and following the review of equipment submittals, EBI generated Pre-Functional Checklists and Functional Performance Tests for review and use by the installation contractors.


Using the results of our functional performance tests, installation contractors worked directly with EBI and the client’s store representatives to develop and implement solutions to issues found through testing. EBI also provided a final report discussing systems commissioned, issues and observations, photo and commissioning logs, resolutions and recommendations to improve energy efficiency.

Services Provided

  • Pre-Functional Checklists
  • Functional Performance Tests
  • TAB reviews and validations, training, and warranty review

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