Red Roof Inn Portfolio

EBI Consulting was first engaged by a hotel management company in 2015 to perform refinancing due diligence on a portfolio of hotels. The portfolio consists of 92 Red Roof Inn properties spread across 25 states in the US. The properties consist of 142 unique buildings and 11,017 housing units. EBI had previously worked on many of these properties in 2007 for the same client.

Red Roof Inn Portfolio

EBI completed Property Condition Surveys and Environmental Site Assessments for each of the 92 hotels. The entire portfolio was assessed in a few short months, requiring well‐organized execution and coordination to accomplish the client’s objectives. In addition to standard scope items, EBI was also responsible for verifying that all of the provided site data was correct. This included data verification on descriptions, construction dates, building square footage, etc. Reports were delivered to the client using EBI’s online client portal to minimize e‐mail traffic and ensure accurate and organized delivery to the end users.

EBI was then re‐engaged in 2017 by the same client to reconduct the previous portfolio for refinancing. Again, Property Condition Assessments and Environmental Site Assessments were conducted for each property, working with individual site contacts for each site. Status reports were created and sent for all 92 properties in the portfolio. EBI’s team of reviewers communicated any immediate concerns directly to the clients as they arose, and all final documents were delivered through EBI’s client portal.

Services Provided

  • Property Condition Assessment (PCA)

  • Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Project Team


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