Providence VA Medical Center, Ambulatory Care

The Department of Veterans Affairs contracted EBI Consulting to provide construction phase commissioning services for the renovation of the Providence VA Medical Center Ambulatory Care facility. EBI Consulting was the prime contractor with an energy company assisting in the development of pre-functional and functional testing procedures for the project.

Providence VA Medical Center, Ambulatory Care

EBI Consulting provided monthly update reports and meetings with the COTR and attended weekly and/or bi-weekly (as required) meetings with the applicable project location VA and contractor personnel.

As the on-site Commissioning Agent, the EBI and the partnered energy team were the third-party entity that performed construction phase commissioning processes and procedures to ensure that the building systems perform interactively according to the construction documents and the VA’s operational needs. This included coordinating between General Contractor and Subcontractors on the site to perform system documentation, conducting and overseeing field conditions and manufacturer’s equipment installation, conducting test data procedures, providing testing and balancing services and oversight, providing detailed scheduling for all commissioning tasks, and performing testing and training.

Services Provided

  • Design Document Reviews

  • Commissioning Plan Development

  • Submittal Reviews

  • Construction Inspections

  • Commissioning Coordination

  • TAB Survey and Oversight

  • Functional Testing

  • Operational Trend Reviews

  • O&M Manual Reviews

  • O&M Training

  • Warranty Inspections

Project Team


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