PRISM Conference 2019

05/17/2019 - News

EBI Consulting is proud to have won EDR’s 2019 PRISM Technology Innovation Award at last week’s PRISM Conference.

EBI PrismEBI’s dedication to client experience, efficiency, and product quality has resulted in the implementation of top tier technology such as Salesforce, Financial Force, online ordering tools, and an advanced client portal that provides real time access to project information.

In 2016, EBI implemented Salesforce and Financial Force, which enable faster response time, more efficient project tracking, and improved final products. Using Salesforce, EBI has been able to implement an online client portal, allowing on-demand access to important project data as well as the ability to initiate new projects. Additionally, EBI has implemented an online ordering system on our corporate website, allowing clients to initiate a project as soon as the need arises, no matter the time of day.

EBI has also implemented a best in class survey tool to optimize client feedback and communication. The surveys are initiated at the completion of a project and tied to those project and account records, giving team members the ability to hear directly from the clients on where they exceeded expectations or where they can improve.

Milissa Marra, EBI’s Vice President of Information Technology, is leading EBI’s technological advancements in the due diligence, architecture, and engineering space: “We’re thrilled and honored to have been chosen for the Prism Technology Award. EBI is dedicated to pursuing the technology that will enable us to better serve our clients as well as gain operational efficiencies. Our employees depend on our systems so our IT department strives to provide a high functioning and reliable infrastructure. Our use of the Salesforce platform allows us to quickly create value-added automation and features.”

EBI is on a mission to deliver an enhanced and convenient client experience, and this award is recognition of a successful step in the right direction. We look forward to continuing to work with our clients, partners, and team members to build future innovation pathways.


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