Portfolio due diligence: 200+ sites in 10 days

EBI Consulting recently delivered a 200+ site loan pool in 10 days. The client not only found value in our dedicated National Portfolio Team, having prior experience managing portfolios of this size, but was also impressed by our prior performance and quality of work.


The biggest challenge with this project was understanding the assets fully when only vague addresses were provided, such as lot numbers with no legal mailing addresses or parcel numbers. EBI’s dedicated Real Estate Research Team was able to utilize multiple resources to dig in and clearly define the properties.

Additionally, the client provided extensive information at the onset of the project. Our team worked swiftly to discern the information that was pertinent to the project versus information irrelevant to the project objective. Even before stepping foot on the project sites, EBI dedicated many hours of research to understand where additional information and clarification was necessary while providing swift delineation for the client team.


Our portfolio process is a true process that is consistent from portfolio to portfolio. This process allows for a consistent and comprehensive workflow, which in turn reduces the opportunity for surprises throughout the project. As part of this process, our team collaborates directly with the client’s team. This hands-on approach allows for a seamless understanding of expectations, needs, concerns and timelines for both the client and the EBI team.

The client noted that they did not have the opportunity to gain a holistic view of the asset pool as they had minimal time to become familiar with the properties and any potential issues of concern. EBI’s team delivered 200+ detailed reports and additionally offered the client a summary of issues, recommendations and costs in one consolidated document for the entire portfolio. This summary matrix enables our valued clients to have a swift and comprehensive understanding of their pool of assets in addition to the benefit of the individual reports.

The Portfolio Team constantly communicated with the client, providing regular updates and status reports throughout the lifecycle of the project. The team excelled in bringing organization and efficiency to the portfolio process and to the overall project. We proactively address issues to minimize disruption to the process to ensure that pre-determined deadlines are met. Our valued clients know what to expect and we deliver!

Are you buying or selling Loan or CLO Pools/Portfolios? We can assist.

Services Provided

  • Phase I ESAs
  • Database Searches (historical and regulatory)
  • Third Party Peer Reviews

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