Commercial property owners want to do everything they can to reduce operating costs and maximize ROI. One of the best ways to do that is by focusing on energy efficiency – and that starts with completing energy audits, which identify areas where property owners can increase efficiency and achieve savings. To help incentivize New York commercial property owners to pursue energy reduction strategies, the state provides access to technical and financial assistance through NYSERDA.

What is NYSERDA?

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority, also known as NYSERDA, provides both assistance and funding for related projects to help the state become more sustainable and energy efficient. The program also facilitates relationships between contractors and New York commercial property-owners or managers to help facilitate cost-effective, energy-efficiency adoption.

Technical assistance for New York energy consumers

New York energy users may be eligible for energy audits and technical assistance granted by NYSERDA. While NYSERDA offers several energy audit programs, the NYSERDA Flexible Technical Assistance (FlexTech) program offers commercial, industrial, and multifamily property owners in the state of New York grants for up to 50% of the cost of an energy audit, carried out by a NYSERDA-approved FlexTech consultant.

The FlexTech Program

NYSERDA energy audit programs like FlexTech, help energy consumers identify the best projects, while providing incentives and financing to make them more affordable. Overall, the FlexTech Program can enable you make better investment decisions on your energy projects by helping you determine:

  • Whether a clean energy project is right for you
  • How to reduce your energy bills
  • What the payback will be on potential energy-related building upgrades
  • How to develop a capital plan that includes clean energy components

Make it easy with an approved FlexTech consultant

FlexTech Consultants are experienced firms with at least one licensed Professional Engineer (PE) on staff and provide a variety of energy services across New York state. FlexTech consultants can help by:

  • Navigating the lengthy and mundane FlexTech application process on your behalf, to help you get the funding you need with ease.
  • Ensuring your projects are code-compliant and eligible for incentives by working with qualified engineers
  • Providing objective, site-specific technical services based on your needs, which will help you confidently move forward with energy management and investment decisions

Implementing energy efficiency recommendations can lead to lower annual utility costs, reduced operation and maintenance costs, extended equipment life and increased occupant comfort. Commercial property owners or managers interested in participating in the FlexTech Program may work with a FlexTech Consultant or an independent service provider. Since it’s a cost-sharing program, when you choose to work with an approved FlexTech consultant, NYSERDA pays the consultant directly for its services, minimizing your up-front costs.

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