Northern California Safety Audit Portfolio

EBI Consulting was contracted by a nationwide telecom carrier company to perform safety audits at telecommunication sites throughout Northern California including the cities of Oakland, Pleasanton, San Ramon and Burlingame.

Northern California Safety Audit Portfolio

Oakland, CA: EBI performed a site visit to complete an RF Safety Audit for an existing rooftop collocation, to verify compliance as determined by FCC and OSHA regulations. EBI evaluated the cumulative RF exposure (RFE) levels from all operators at this site and conducted a thorough review of access procedures, which included identifying RF signage and visible antenna locations. Antenna inventory and photographs were documented to create site model diagrams, which included scale maps and RF exposure diagrams. The compliance determination was based on General Public RF exposure levels determined by theoretical monitoring, RF signage placement, and the level of restricted access to the antennas at the site. Following the review, it was determined that the carrier would be compliant upon appropriate remediation of RF alerting signage. Additionally, EBI was able to provide the carrier with recommendations and a mitigation plan to implement necessary changes and ensure site compliance.

Pleasanton, CA: EBI performed as safety audit to assess a rooftop collocation, consisting of two sectors with a total of six antennas. Following an all-encompassing site assessment, EBI provided the client with a comprehensive safety audit report which included mitigation plans to ensure site compliance. The report included scale maps of the site, a full antenna inventory, site photographs, as well as results of a Fall Arrest Anchor Point, safety signage summary, and RF exposure level measurements and predictions. EBI provided the carrier with an action plan for site compliance based on FCC regulations and their own RF Safety Policy Requirements. This plan included the removal and replacement of existing barriers and the addition safety signage. EBI advised the client to work with other carriers located on the same site to ensure compliance at this location.

Burlingame, CA: EBI was contracted to perform a compliance check to ensure that the existing collocated wireless equipment and project site was adhering to FCC regulations. The site consisted of three sectors with a total of twelve antennas, collocated and mounted on a rooftop building. EBI worked to update and verify a full antenna inventory of the site and utilized this data to create accurate site model diagrams. EBI also performed RF Exposure simulations where emissions are calculated appropriately based on the relative height and location of antennas in relation to the main site level. Evaluation of site conditions and results of exposure level testing allowed EBI to provide the carrier with appropriate mitigation recommendations for this site which included installing additional signage and barriers, and working with other carriers to ensure compliance for this project site.

Services Provided

  • RF Safety Audit

  • RF Barrier Installation

  • RF Sign Installation

  • LL Coordination

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