New Technology: EBI’s Drone Due Diligence Services


The future of Environmental Due Diligence is here.

EBI Consulting has teamed up with Best Drone Services to provide our clients with innovative, efficient and accurate due diligence work conducted solely through drone use. Using this type of advanced technology to conduct due diligence services has major benefits. Drones can not only help you save time and money, but they can capture imagery and detail in a manner that no other assessment method can. Additionally, using drones is a safe and effective way of conducting these services. Using a drone to fly over rough terrain and other dangerous surfaces help to reduce the chance of injury.

Our Drone Due Diligence Services include:

  • Roof Reports
  • Façade Inspections
  • Façade Thermal Surveys
  • Roof Thermal Infrared Surveys
  • Large Site Environmental Assessments
  • Cell Tower Thermal Scans
  • Edited Video & Images
  • Property and Pre-Acquisition Flyovers
  • Volumetric Stockpile Estimation
  • Construction Progress Imagery
  • Real-Time Video Feeds

Take the risk of out the equation and learn more about our Drone Due Diligence Services today. Visit our Drone Due Diligence page for more information or read more about our partnership with Best Drone Services here. If you are interested in our Drone Due Diligence services, please contact us and we will connect you with a professional.

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