Jeff Falero, PE and Director of Structural Evaluations and Forensics, and Paul Roberts, Director of Architecture and Engineering, are joining forces to support EBI’s clients in new ways. These experts and co-authors of our white paper—"California’s balcony inspection ordinance: Turning a fast-approaching challenge into asset management opportunities”—combine architectural and structural engineering expertise to support our clients’ compliance with the new CA balcony ordinance.

Paul has been with EBI since 2017, joining the team with over 20 years of experience. He began as a senior program manager on EBI’s retail architecture and engineering team, now leading that team in support of clients across numerous industries. His experience in feasibility due diligence, entitlements, existing condition evaluations, prototype design, construction documents, ADA compliance, permitting, scheduling and construction administration allows him to employ a well-honed knowledge base across a broad range of topics in service of our clients.

Jeff Falero, PE, joined EBI as Director of Structural Evaluations and Forensics in 2022, bringing over 30 years of engineering experience, including in niche seismic due diligence. He has experience in structural evaluations, structural forensics, structural repair, strengthening design and seismic retrofit. He is responsible for expanding EBI’s structural evaluation and forensics practice, structural maintenance and risk management—including the evaluation of balconies, decks, raised walkways and other EEEs for ordinances like California’s balcony ordinance and other similar state ordinances.

Together, their expertise helps EBI’s clients as they work to comply with building code requirements, reduce liability, and evaluate property or portfolio risk. These two powerhouse experts continue to expand their knowledge of state and local requirements to provide ever-better recommendations and risk mitigation for our clients.