Is the Commercial Real Estate Market at Its Peak?

08/16/2017 - Blog

According to National Real Estate Investor (NREI), more than half of those who participated in their periodic survey believe that the Real Estate Market is at its peak.

Approximately 52% of those who participated in one of NREI’s periodic survey studies said the market is at its peak, with an increase of 500 basis points since May 2017.

The survey results also showed that the percentage of participants who believed the market was in a recovery period or expansion stage has dipped from 11 points to 24 points in the month of July, while some believe that the market is in recession, with an increase from 4% to 9%.

“It could be that the Overall 'market peak' is here now, or soon. Regardless, I like these two comments to the article: 1. Market vs micro market; the exact point of the cycle is different in any given market or MSA. 2. We may be near the final inning of a 9 inning game (using the baseball analogy), but recently, a baseball game went to 14 innings. I am confident that there is still value that can be added to the market, even if it is at its 'peak' – there is always room for improvement.”

Dan Spinogatti, Senior Vice President Real Estate Services


Dan Spinogatti is EBI Consulting’s Senior Vice President of Real Estate Services. First hired in 1999, Dan worked as a Consultant and Client Manager out of New Jersey. He relocated to Phoenix, Arizona a short time after to open EBI’s first western-based US office.

As Senior Vice President of Real Estate Services, Dan is responsible for managing EBI’s National Sales Team, client management, and new business development. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies from Stockton College of NJ, and his Master’s Degree in Hydrology/Hydro-geology from the University of Nevada, Reno.


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