If you’re a stakeholder in Massachusetts commercial real estate, you’ve likely heard about BERDO (or BEUDO) and “benchmarking requirements” implemented by Boston and Cambridge to reach their net zero goal. For the last few years, most property owners and managers have only handled reporting utility data and (hopefully) benchmarking due annually on May 15th.

But there is more to BERDO than just reporting. Building owners, managers, and condo associations will be required to reduce their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and prove it by 2025.

For most buildings, a lot must happen between yearly reporting and showing reduced GHG emissions. The process usually requires planning, buy-in, funding, property repairs and upgrades, and subsequent monitoring and reporting.

Fortunately, EBI’s energy team are experts in BERDO requirements and want to help you hit the ground running on your path to compliance. We’ve hosted webinars (if you’re interested in a recording, fill out the form below!) and created a one-page guide to designing your own BERDO plan.

In the guide you'll find:

  • The 3 main parts to BERDO reporting in 2022
  • How to start planning ahead to meet required emissions reductions
  • Possible upgrades needed to meet requirements
  • The exact schedule for required third-party data verification and what's recommended

It's a one-click download. Get it now, share it with your team, and plan ahead to stay ahead.

If you still have questions on benchmarking and meeting target emissions, reach out to our energy team by clicking the contact button below.