How High Demand in the Retail Industry Can Affect the Industrial Real Estate Industry

09/06/2017 - Blog

Today we live in a world where space is limited, time is valuable, and money is time. More and more we see that instant gratification is a characteristic that is continuously growing among internet users, which means innovation is at an all-time high.

Almost everything nowadays can be downloaded, googled, or purchased instantaneously. Gone are the days of waiting for your dial-up internet to start, or the days where the only way to purchase goods was by walking inside a store. Nowadays the internet runs at tremendously high speeds, and you can purchase just about anything you want with a simple click of a button and it will be shipped to your doorstep within one to two days. The high demand for a speedy delivery has put retailers on a hunt for warehouse space that is closer to their end consumers – urban areas.

Because heavily populated urban areas are often times very limited in space, retailers are getting innovative. Prologis broke ground on the first multi-story warehouse in the United States, that are being used for e-commerce and distribution purposes. This multi-story warehouse will be equipped with ramps for trucks and freight elevators to allow easy transportation from the first to the third floor. These innovative designs in this warehouse and future multi-story warehouses, has the potential to impact the industrial real estate industry.

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