How Evolving Technology Affects the Real Estate Industry

09/29/2017 - Blog

We live in a world where technology is continuously changing. These on-going changes inevitably affect the way businesses interact with clients, provide services, and operate as a whole. EBI understands the importance of innovation, and we continually educate ourselves and implement new and improved systems in order to exceed the demands of the changing world around us.

Recently, Dan Spinogatti, Senior Vice President of Real Estate Services, was one of the three top executives chosen by the CMBA to discuss their opinions on the most prominent issues the real estate industry faces when it comes to evolving technology. While some people struggle with adapting to the changes technology brings, Dan believes that it can assist with quick and reliable site access, and reconnaissance. EBI Consulting has recently started offering new Drone Due Diligence service that grants us quick and easy access to our sites.

“I think we are going to see technology continue to allow us to gain better 'on-site' experience for our clients as well, eventually allowing them more 'virtual reality' of being on site with us, and thus, increased sharing of real time information."

Dan Spinogatti, Senior Vice President, Real Estate Services

The use of these high-resolution drones, and other specialized cameras, help EBI Consulting to deliver high quality due diligence services to commercial real estate clients. These advanced pieces of technology allow EBI staff members to access areas of the property that may be hard to reach on foot. This data not only provides clients with a glimpse of “real-time” information, but also allows for a much more detailed assessment.

Dan’s quote above comes from a full article produced by the CMBA that involves a discussion on this topic, plus more. To read the full article, please view the CMBA’s Q3 Update on Four Major CRE Lending Categories.  If you’re interested in learning more about EBI Consulting’s Drone Due Diligence services, please feel free to contact us.


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