State department of housing portfolio

EBI Consulting was awarded a contract by a state Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCD) to complete property assessments for a large portfolio of state-assisted housing developments. State-funded public housing is provided to those who meet criteria for low income, veteran, special needs, elderly or family-in-transition status. Housing options range from high rise to garden-style and multifamily to single family units.

Facts and figures

  • 234 Facility Condition Assessments
  • 69 Accessibility Assessments
  • 233 Sustainability Assessments
  • 230+ state housing authorities
  • 127 buildings and over 700 units assessed


EBI coordinated with over 230 state housing authorities, completing all work ahead of schedule and on budget. Each local housing authority (LHA) had multiple properties that required assessments.


Our portfolio and assessor teams created spreadsheets and photo logs for each LHA compatible with DHCD’s database for easy uploading. Some of the identified concerns included: mechanical equipment failures, heat loss at thermal breaks, original roofing, failing rooftop vents, and deficiencies in roadway pavement, kitchen millwork, exterior decking, and inadequate interior flooring.

The LHAs didn’t request Accessibility Assessments. However, EBI noted a lack of necessary accessibility features such as push buttons, secured railings, chair lifts, etc. This oversight could have resulted in violations and fines if not addressed.


The EBI team paid close attention to specific concerns at each property and developed an efficient process to upload our analysis and recommendations directly to DHCD’s systems.

Services Provided

  • Facility Condition Assessments
  • Accessibility Assessments
  • Sustainability Assessments

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