Gaining Ground Farm Volunteer Event


On Saturday April 30th, a group of EBI Employees came together to volunteer their time at Gaining Ground Farm in Concord, Massachusetts.

Gaining Ground Farm harvests organic produce for hunger relief and donates it to local food pantries and area meal programs. EBI VolunteersPrior to volunteering, we spoke with Kayleigh Boyle, Farm Co-Manager & Volunteer Coordinator, about what to expect at our volunteering venture. Kayleigh said, “Volunteers are involved in all aspects of farm work – weeding, mulching, planting, harvesting, irrigation, etc. Tasks are determined the day of, depending on the weather, groups for the week and the to do list”. All our volunteers were excited to help out, and they completed a variety of tasks including, planting, weeding and irrigation!

One really cool fact about Gaining Ground, Kayleigh says is that “All produce is donated within 20 miles of the farm. Almost all of the produce is harvested within hours of recipients picking up produce to take home”.
Volunteers Working in The Field

EBI would like to thank Gaining Ground Farm for allowing our team of volunteers to help give back to their communities in an environmentally sustainable way. EBI would also like to thank all of our wonderful volunteers. Great job being #EBIALLin!  If you would like to see more photos of this event, visit our Facebook page here!


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