Freddie Mac Real Estate Services

A lender retained EBI Consulting to conduct a Property Condition Assessment and Environmental Site Assessment for a 166-unit multifamily residential complex located in New City, NY.

Freddie Mac Real Estate Services

The reports were completed in general conformance with the ASTM E 2018-15 and Freddie Mac Engineering Report Guidelines (PCA) and ASTM Standard E 1527-13 and Freddie Mac Environmental Requirements (ESA). Our Freddie Mac dedicated staff of engineers, architects, scientists, program managers, and reviewers delivered the high-quality comprehensive reports for which EBI is known in accordance with the clients’ specifications and time restraints.

EBI conducted a thorough Phase I ESA report (Freddie Mac form 1103 included in report) and was pleased to report there were no recognized environmental conditions (RECs) in connection with the subject property. EBI recommended implementing a lead-based paint operations and maintenance (O&M) plan and a moisture management plan (MMP) due to the age of the property (built in 1963) and signs of water intrusion in one of the basements.

Following the Freddie Mac scope of work, EBI also conducted a PCA report (Freddie Mac form 1105 included in report) to determine the general condition of the property, immediate and long-term repairs or maintenance, and cost reserve estimates. EBI was again pleased to report that the subject property appeared to be in good overall condition with a remaining useful life beyond 35 years. There were only minor immediate repairs, and after completing the Freddie Mac scoped survey and forms, EBI calculated the total expenditures per unit per year, with inflation, for the client. This accounted for items such as routine roof maintenance, refurbishing common area floors, sealing and painting parking lots, and replacing unit appliances. To note, each apartment unit at the Subject Property was observed with 40 electrical Amps. EBI conducted an internal electrical load analysis and was also provided with a previous agency report for Freddie Mac to determine that the 40 Amps per unit was sufficient for the size and usage for each unit type.

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