Forest City Multifamily Portfolio

EBI Consulting completed a multi-family portfolio that consisted of HUD and Facilities Condition Assessment scopes of work for a large acquisition.

Forest City Multifamily Portfolio

The portfolio was composed of 95 buildings across 49 sites and was completed in under 5 months on this single contract. EBI’s team of assessors reviewed and reported on over 8,365 units in 42 cities throughout NJ, NY, PA, CT, CA, KY, MI, OH, and WV.

Prior to arriving on site, EBI worked with the stakeholders to have pre-survey questionnaires completed, and to designate appropriate site contacts and arrange site visits. EBI interviewed property managers for each subject property, as well as maintenance managers where available. During the survey, representative areas of the site, building, common areas, mechanical spaces and equipment, and building components were observed. The project required inspection of at least 25% of all units and the analysis terms were 20 years. Additionally, the client requested that EBI inspect all handicapped, vacant, and down units. Each unit was verified for smoke detectors in each bedroom and each level.

These were multiple local- and state-specific HUD requirements that had to be managed and incorporated across this portfolio. EBI provided photos of each property that was assessed and provided access to the client via an online client portal. Radon sampling was also performed according to HUD standards.

Each report included the general physical condition of all building components, an estimated useful life of the building, and recommendations for critical, non-critical, accessibility repairs, and replacement repairs.

Services Provided

  • Intrusive Project Capital Needs Assessment (PCNA)

  • Roof, Façade, and Elevator Reports

  • Infrared Survey and Thermal Scan Reports (Energy Efficiency)

  • Electrical and Sewer Evaluations

  • Radon and Asbestos Sampling

  • Seismic Risk Assessments

  • Tier I Vapor Encroachment Screening (VES)

Project Team


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