Emory University Math & Science Building Retro-Commissioning

Emory University had an energy reduction goal to reduce their energy usage to 25% below their 2005 usage by the 2015 academic year.

Emory University Math & Science Building Retro-Commissioning

As part of this energy efficiency initiative, the Emory Facilities Management department identified six buildings on campus that had a higher than normal energy usage. One of the buildings selected was the Math and Science building, which features an array of engineering and physics laboratories as well as a planetarium. EBI was selected to perform the necessary retro-commissioning activities to achieve these goals.

The project execution occurred during times when the buildings were occupied and could not be adjusted outside of established environmental constraints. Additionally, the Retro-commissioning team’s activities could not impact the education of the students. The projects involved performing energy audits, functional equipment testing, Test and Balancing, energy calculations, and implementation of Energy Reduction Measures. The Retro-commissioning was projected to produce a 10-15 % energy reduction in the buildings and upon project completion immediate energy reductions based on the energy measures and calibration performed while onsite.

Systems Commissioned

  • Air Handling Units

  • Variable Volume Laboratory System

  • Fume Hood

  • Exhaust Snorkels

  • Campus Steam System Connections

  • Chilled Water System Connections

  • Heating Hot Water Systems

  • Building Pressure Control Systems

  • VAV Terminal Units

Services Provided

  • Retro-commissioning plan

  • Equipment condition assessment

  • O&M Procedures review

  • Control systems inspection and tuning

  • Equipment functional testing

  • Testing and balancing

  • Trend data analysis

  • Measurement and Verification

Project Team


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