Elizabeth Krol featured in Rigsby Search Radio episode

08/12/2021 - EBI in the News

National Client Director, Elizabeth Krol, was recently featured in an episode of Rigsby Search Radio (Season 1, Episode 4: Due Diligence, Mentorship, and Re-Openings with Elizabeth Krol), a podcast dedicated to the recruiting and environmental industries and featuring expert guests.

Rigsby Search Radio publicly launched in early July 2021, and is run by Rigsby Search Group, LLC, a Forbes-awarded environmental recruiting firm, and hosted by Managing Partner Sean Rigsby.

When introducing Krol, Rigsby described her as "an absolute rock star in her field" who has received "numerous awards for her work," as well as an expert in real estate due diligence, especially the commercial real estate sector.

To launch the discussion, Krol shared updates and thoughts about the ASTM E-1527 revisions and process, as she leads the historical research focus group within the ASTM E-1527 Task Group. Krol and Rigsby also discussed her mentorship of other environmental professionals.

"I really love working with people who are emerging professionals and looking to advance in their career, supporting them on that journey and helping them to expand and develop their skills,” Krol said. “I do find it inspiring and for me, it gives me so much hope for the future of our industry. There's so much talent and the younger emerging professionals, they're really eager to learn and improve and develop and move our industry forward, so I really do love that."

Other topics included proactively advancing your career, the importance of networking, and in-person meetings and re-openings after COVID-19 lockdowns.

Krol's episode, as well as other episodes of Rigsby Search Radio, are free and available via iTunes, Spotify, and Soundcloud.

Listen here:

Elizabeth Krol joined EBI Consulting in 2020 as National Client Director. With more than 25 years’ experience as a professional geologist and environmental professional, Elizabeth specializes in providing environmental and physical due diligence of commercial, industrial, retail, and multifamily real estate properties. She is widely recognized as a thought leader and leading provider of due diligence services to the commercial real estate and financial services sectors, and has been honored with numerous industry awards.

Read Elizabeth Krol's full bio here.


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