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At EBI Consulting we feel strongly about making every possible effort to be green.

Whether you work in our corporate office, regional offices, or remotely, we encourage all EBI team members to make an effort to be environmentally sustainable. At our corporate office our primary sustainability practice is recycling bottles, cans, glass, and paper. To help keep track of these efforts, we’ve joined the Save that Stuff, Inc. Recycling Program. Save that Stuff, Inc. is a Boston based waste and resource management company. Every month they send us a summary of how much paper, cardboard, and co-mingled recycling we do, as well as the total amount of trash we throw away.

Since the start of the year, EBI Consulting has saved 171 Adult Trees, 105 Cubic yards of landfill space and 59,982 kilowatts of electricity which equates to 35 barrels of oil. Not only have we saved all of that, but we've also reduced our carbon footprint by 10 metric tons.

Collectively, 33% of waste thrown away is trash, 30% is recycled paper, 25% is recycled cardboard and 16% is comingled items. In the month of August, we had a total of 5 pickups, 15 full barrels, and a total weight of 0.75, being the third heaviest weight since the beginning of the year.

For those who work remotely, there are simple ways to lessen your carbon footprint at home. Here are a few tips:

  • Go paperless - email documents
  • Shut off the lights in rooms you aren't using
  • Buy a programmable thermostat
  • Switch to Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

If you're interested in discovering more ways to save energy at your home office, visit the Carbonfund.org website!

Great job everyone! We encourage you to continue recycling and putting in great effort to make us more sustainable!


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