EBI Consulting Teams Up With Building Impact for A Volunteer Event


In celebration of Earth Day, EBI Consulting teamed up with Building Impact to help give the members of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Boston an educational piece of nature.

On Thursday, April 13, our volunteers gathered to assemble and donate seedling kits. Each of these kits will be used as an educational tool in the STEM Education Program (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math), that helps teach children about life cycles and healthy living.

Earth Day Collage

Each kit included the necessary materials for each child to grow his or her plant, instructions on how to assemble their plant, and educational materials that explains the process of a plants life cycle. In total, Building Impact and EBI Consulting assembled 21 seedling kits.

Earth Day Collage 2

EBI Consulting was happy to support this cause not only because Building Impact is a commercial real estate nonprofit, but also because the mission of helping STEM education and environmental issues aligns closely with EBI’s values and missions as a company.

“We're very grateful of the work we can do in partnership with EBI to strengthen our communities and we are so appreciative of the time and effort each of you and your colleagues spent in creating 21 seedling kits for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Boston. I know the children and youth will be thrilled to receive them.  Thank you again, we truly value EBI’s dedication to the community and look forward to a continued partnership”.

-Kate Kerrigan, Building Impact’s Director of Nonprofit Programs

To learn more about EBI Consulting’s past volunteer events and community involvement, please visit our EBI Community blog.


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