EBI Consulting Olympics 2016


In an effort to celebrate this year's Summer Olympics in Brazil, EBI Consulting hosted their very own EBI Olympics!

With over 50 participants playing in both the corporate office and remotely, it’s safe to say it was a great turnout. The games took place August 8th through the 12th with one game per day. 

Event 1: Rubber Band Archery/EBI Theme Costume - Our first event was “Rubber Band Archery”. The object of this game was to knock down 6 empty soda cans using rubber bands in 60 seconds or less. The first team to finish was Finance. They took the Gold, Real Estate took Silver and Democratic Republic of Remediationstan (GOV Rem) took Bronze.

Our remote athletes took part in the opening games by presenting their best EBI or Olympic themed spirit costume, with Fred Dugoni, Project Engineer, taking home Gold and Tara Sprague, Project Manager, taking Silver! Rubber Band Archery

Fred Dugoni - Gold Medalist for Best EBI Themed Costume 

EBI Man Fred Dugoni

Event 2: Office Tennis/EBI Trivia – Our second event was Office Tennis. Two contestants from each team partook in this game. Following a line of cones, both contestants used clipboards and a paper ball. The goal of the game was to bounce the ball back and forth without dropping it, and dunking it into the basket at the end of the course. Finance proved to be undefeated so far and won Gold for the second game in a row. Fiji (HR) took Silver, and Real Estate was awarded Bronze.

Our remote athletes partook in our version of EBI trivia. They answered questions that ranged from EBI history, to Summer Olympic Fun Facts. It was a close call between competitors Tara Sprague and Philip Winterland. But Tara beat Philip by 400 points, making her the Gold medalist for this event. 

Office Tennis

Event 3: The Water Bubbler Race/Speed Typing Test – In our third event, the competition started getting fierce. The Water Bubbler race was set up throughout the office where 4 people from each team sped walked through the designated course, holding a cup of water filled to the brim. The object of this game was to see which team could make it through the course the fastest without spilling the water. Envirobizlandia (EHS, Production, HUD & RF) took Gold, Fiji (HR) took Silver and Telecom took Bronze. 

Our remote athletes raced among themselves too. Using an online portal, each competitor was able to race against the clock to see who could type the fastest and most accurately. 

The Water Bubbler Race

Event 4: Rhythmic Stream-Nastics/Spaghetti Tower Contest – Our Rhythmic Stream-Nastics event was a crowd favorite. In this game, one player from each team stepped up to the plate to see who could unravel two sets of party streamers the fastest, by moving their arms in a continuous windmill motion. There were two elimination rounds that lead to the final three teams competing for Gold. After the final round, Telecom took Gold, Real Estate took Silver and the Democratic Republic of Remediationstan took Bronze. 

Our remote athletes put their creative skills to the test in this event. They competed against one another to see who could build the most creative tower using raw spaghetti and marshmallows. 

Rhythmic StreamNastics

Event 5: Obstacle Course/Prank Contest – The last event that wrapped up the Corporate Olympic games, was the obstacle course. This was a timed event that had 4 obstacles in total. The first course to complete was the “Water Waiter” where a team member carried a tray of 5 cups of water. The object was to move around the staggered cones without spilling any water. Once the first player finished their course, the next player would begin immediately. This player's goal was to toss 3 water balloons into a bucket. After they finished, their teammate standing on the side of the bucket jumped over our homemade hurdles to reach the next player who would finish the entire course. The last player's goal was to run back to the finish line while carrying a water balloon on a spoon. Finance took Gold, Telecom took Silver and Real Estate took Bronze for the last event. 

Obstacle Course

Scores of the Week:

When the overall scores were tallied up, there was a tie between two fiercely competitive teams, Telecom and Real Estate. After the tie breaker, the winner to take the lead was Real Estate. The final results overall were:

Corporate Athletes: 

Gold Medalists - Finance

Silver Medalists - Real Estate

Bronze Medalists - Telecom 


Remote Athletes: 

Tara Sprague - Gold

Fred Dugoni - Silver

Philip Winterland - Bronze

EBI Olympic Medalists

Congratulations to all athletes and winners who participated in this years EBI Olympics! We hope you enjoyed this week long event!


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