Daylighting Smelt Brook – Weymouth, MA


EBI Consulting has been awarded the opportunity to design a plan to daylight a historic brook in Weymouth, Massachusetts known as Smelt Brook.

In 1976, parts of this brook had been covered up in an effort to control flooding. Ever since that attempt, the water has run through a conduit that is located underneath the Weymouth Landing. This conduit allows the yearly migration of smelt to travel upstream to spawn. As many locals know, Weymouth Landing is undergoing construction in an attempt to daylight Smelt Brook and refresh the appearance of this community.

Daylighting Smelt Brook

What is daylighting? Daylighting is a term used to describe the redirection, uncovering and or restoring process of a buried stream. By daylighting the Smelt Brook, the city of Weymouth is able to improve surrounding habitats, allow easier spawning for smelt, and protect a piece of their history.  EBI’s involvement in this ongoing project includes a design plan to replace the six-foot-wide concrete pipes with a substantial 150-foot-long open air channel. Overall, this is an exciting transformation for the town of Weymouth because not only will it be favorable to the appearance of this community, but most importantly, it will benefit the environment.

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