Darren Stineman, Promoted to Chief Financial Officer


EBI Consulting is pleased to announce the promotion of Darren Stineman to Chief Financial Officer.

Darren joined EBI Consulting in 2016 as Vice President of Strategic Planning and Analysis. He was quickly promoted to Senior Vice President of Finance in March 2017, where he was responsible for driving company strategy, strengthening EBI’s position in the market, and solidifying the Accounting, Credit, Marketing, Finance & Planning processes, in order to reach EBI’s next phase of growth.

Since joining EBI Consulting, Darren has been the architect of several high value initiatives, all which have led to improvements in the company’s Sales Strategy, Operational Management, Content Marketing, Pricing, Financial Analysis, and the utilization of the company’s newest CRM and HCM systems.

In addition to leading our Accounting, Credit, Financial Planning & Analysis, and Marketing functions, Darren will help drive the return on investment from our new systems and operational performance, as well as support the development and execution of strategies across all of our administrative functions.

Before his start at EBI, Darren held a few different corporate financial leadership positions, including having spent a decade within the professional services sector. He received both a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Finance from Bentley College.

“We’re tremendously fortunate to have found such a like-minded and financially strong executive. I have grown to respect and embrace Darren, thanks in part to his work ethic, thoughtful and disciplined approach, and shared excitement to accelerate initiatives and improvements that help us continue to operationally and financially outperform our competitors. He is a tireless, strategic, and steadfast leader who shares our dedication to optimizing our customers’ experiences while preserving our financial performance, and ensuring that EBI Consulting is among the best and secure places to work at, and with for years to come. Darren’s demonstrated track record with professional service companies, and hands on business experience, has made him the perfect candidate to step into this important role on our management team.”

-Nolan Previte, President, Real Estate Services



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