Cumberland Farms

EBI was contracted by Cumberland Farms for a real estate portfolio consisting of 274 Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) with a focus on underground storage tanks (USTs) on fueling sites along the east coast.

Cumberland Farms

EBI was contracted to deliver the ESAs within 6 weeks on a rolling basis. Cumberland Farms wanted to assess the general condition and maintenance needs of the properties to ensure proper and sustainable operating conditions.

Towards the end of the contract, EBI had to incorporate major revisions of 76 of the ESAs due to additional information provided by the client. EBI put in a valiant effort at the 11th hour to meet deadlines, succeeded in doing so, and was able to successfully complete all assessments over a span of 10 weeks, allowing Cumberland Farms to stay on track with their evaluation efforts. Cumberland Farms was very happy with the final result and was able to meet internal deadlines with a completed due diligence package.

Project Team


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